Life Should Be Gulped and Not Sipped

A friend of mine had a poster in college that said,Life should be gulped and not sipped.

We exit the simplicity of childhood and begin the complexity of adolescence with the tools given to us by our family, and our culture. With the independence we crave we start accumulating. We accrue triumphs and failures in academics, athletics, the arts, and relationships. We learn, we grow, we consider, we second guess, we crash forward, we fall back. Life. At times we see it for the adventure that it is. We gulp it. We embrace the tension, we live fully in the unknown. At other times, we get timid and shy. We discover that control can be a useful tool to manage our circumstances and get from others what we need. Comfort, power, and approval become dominant forces and seem to woo us.

When we cave to their calling, however, we are always left empty. The great romance seeps away. We are left holding the cup of life content to sip - And even then, only after we have suspiciously darted our eyes back and forth. Anxiety rushes in like a flood. Hurt and shame move in as neighbors. Freedom is replaced by bondage. We are controlled by the illusion of control. We stop feeling. We are numb.