Plumb Line

A.W. Tozer wrote that Without a doubt, the mightiest thought the mind can entertain is the thought of God…While living in St. Louis I became friends with a older gentleman named Ray.  Ray was a retired engineer.  Aware of my desire to finish my basement, Ray offered to lend a hand.  When it comes to craftsmanship I have a problem with being impulsive and losing focus.  I like things done with precision but lack the patience. 

Not Ray.  Ray would look at what we had framed up, review its measurements then walk to a piece of drywall, make several notations, then measure everything again.  Sometimes he would repeat the process several times. It always seemed like an eternity for me before we would finally cut something.

I preferred having the general idea.  Get the numbers close.  The problem I ran into, repeatedly, was that when I was off by an eighth of an inch on one end it turned out to be an inch or two on the other.  When we went to hang the drywall, my pieces were always off.  In order to make the piece work, I would grab a drywall saw and shave it down to fit and sometimes I was so off I had to double my work and shove other pieces into the large gap. Bottom line:  It was always more work, and always messy.  And more often than not someone else (the mudder) had to pay for my mistakes.

How many of us have this same problem with God?  Because we don’t see God accurately, the entire trajectory of our lives is thrown off.  And how does our casual belief affect the lives of those around us? When we daily count on God to fulfill His architectural rendering the plumb stays true and the pieces of life fit with beauty and precision.