Replenished Energy and Reusable Time

If you are spiritually broken. Unable to walk. There is good news. You have been pursued. You are loveable.


Jesus is moving close.

He is whispering this question: Do you want to get well?

Are you willing to enter the adventure and carry the responsibility that comes with restoration?

Or is your victimization too comfortable…your identity in your dysfunction too important?


To be healed would be to see yourself differently. Are you ready for that?

Are you willing to set aside the shame and be deeply known by a Holy Spirit?


If you get healthy you may not have anything to talk about for awhile.

The energy you give talking about your weight, your tragedy, your betrayal…what if all that energy and time were handed back to you?

What would you talk about?

What would it be like to run out of time talking about the glory of God and His, compassionate, otherworldly companionship?

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