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Barry Zito

Major League Baseball Pitcher, Cy Young Award Winner & Two-Time World Series Champion

“I have had different coaches through the years but my work with Jamie truly stood out because he provided real life solutions that were instantly applicable and led to transformation in my life!”

Joel Smallbone

Lead Singer, Grammy Award Winning Pop Band,

For King and Country

“Jamie has come alongside me giving direction insight and life guidance when I was critically in need. His empathy and positivity have inspired me to walk boldly ahead with confidence and clarity!”


Cheryl DeSantis

Chief People Officer Smile Direct Club

“Jamie was able to quickly diagnose and help me surface and understand how some of my limiting beliefs were holding me back. His empathy, care and ability to get to the root cause of the limiting belief was key to me being able to make a shift in my thinking and actions. Jamie provides very actionable tools and coaching to help drive true sustainable behavior, change, and transformation!”

P. Jeffrey Conn, Ph.D.

Professor of Pharmacology, Lee E. Limbird Chair in Pharmacology, Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery At Vanderbilt University (Retired)

“Jamie provided amazing insight from the very first session and helped guide and encourage me at a point when I was preparing for major life transitions.   He has a unique gift for identifying and working through hidden roadblocks, while being pragmatic and helping me to see the solutions.”

jeff conn.jpg

Tyler Ward

Artist, Musician, & Founder of The Song House

“Jamie George, where to begin, the guy has helped change my life. I now see the world with more compassion and love. Jamie leads with the most profound questions and has always reminder me that, no matter how messy it gets, it all belongs. I better understand my value because of Jamie. I’m more whole, more free. and just overall more alive since my time with Mr. George. Forever grateful for the challenges of life and the time I’ve spent learning from this wonderful man.”

Shelly Bartholomew

Wife, Mom, Author and Former Miss Teen USA

“What I love most about Jaime’s coaching is his ability to gently usher me toward the journey of my own choice. This choice that allows me to live life to MY fullest. Not yours. Not his. But MINE. He has taught me how to show up for ME. I am immeasurably grateful for this gift.”

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Kyle Wailes

CEO, Wellvana Health, LLC

“I look forward to my conversation with Jamie every week. He always has very thoughtful and timely advice, and brings out the best in me! I couldn’t ask for more from my coach, he brings motivation and enhances my ability to execute!”

Yvonne Okyere

“Jamie has been instrumental in helping me navigate through all of my recent life changes. He has not only helped start the business but has given me amazing advice and clarity on how to market and administer my services. He has helped me improve my already close relationship with my children and helped me understand my husband better. I can honestly say that I have grown so much spiritually and emotionally over the last year with Jamie’s help. Jamie is a truly gifted coach.”


Paul Farmer

Creative Director, Branding and Marketing Strategist

"Jamie has a one-of-a-kind ability to pry open my soul, which is the only place I can discover clarity and movement quickly. His coaching has helped me identify the paths in life that make me come most alive!"

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