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As a Life Coach, Jamie leads his clients into self-compassion, acceptance, and radical commitment to human flourishing.

Welcome to Jamie George's executive coaching services, where we help our clients improve their executive presence by increasing their self-awareness and enhancing their interpersonal impact and effectiveness. Our coaching process incorporates communication principles and practices that can be implemented immediately for optimal results.

Our coaching sessions are designed to accommodate your your team's busy schedule, with primarily phone or videoconferencing options available at your convenience. We understand that in-person coaching may be preferable for some clients and we are happy to provide this option whenever possible.

If you're ready to take your team’s executive presence to the next level and achieve your professional goals, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let's work together to unlock the full leadership potential in you or in your team!


“My work with Jamie truly stood out because he provided real life solutions that were instantly applicable and led to transformation in my life!”

- Barry Zito

Major League Baseball Pitcher, Cy Young Award Winner & Two-Time World Series Champion


/ Building new habits

/ Mindset shifts

/ Maintaining work/life balance

/ Refining communication skills

/ Leveling up as a leader

/ Practicing presence with people

/ Balancing assertiveness with empathy

/ Super power skills for conflict resolution

/ Enhancing cultural sensitivity and adaptability

/ Finding peace in the center of the chaos

/ Finding and maintaining true connection with others

Image by Jake Blucker

“Everyone ends up somewhere in life.

A few end up there on purpose.”

- Andy Stanley

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